Anything We Experience With Regularity Runs the Risk of Becoming “Normal”

The Golden Gate Bridge conjures awe in those who witness the sun set behind it for the first time.
Locals might look twice.
Some have forgotten it’s there.

This is the law of accommodation.

It’s not only true with things we find a beautiful, then find normal. We also feel it with familiar sensations, emotional patterns, and even pain.

Our bodies send us messages when something is off. Pain is an example. If we listen to it we can use it to guide new strategies toward safety and efficiency. If we ignore it, we accommodate, we compensate, and we forget that our bodies had ever requested us to change something in the first place.
Multiply this over years and we forget how our bodies got this way.
We find ourselves complaining about the traffic on the bridge and forget the magnificence of the bridge itself.
Let’s take a moment to notice what we notice. If we notice beauty, let’s allow the awe to be conjured. If we notice tension in our bodies distracting us from that beauty, let’s raise our standards, get checked by a chiropractor, and get back to living.